February 15, 2023

Why Being a Jack of All Trades Will Kill Your Creative Business

Do you feel like a jack of all trades but a master of none?

As a creative entrepreneur, it's tempting to explore every aspect of your business, but specializing in a specific area can be the key to success. This may sound daunting, but fear not! I've got you covered with some tips to help you claim your expertise and build a strong foundation for your brand.

First and foremost, it's essential to select a focus. Think of it as choosing a single color to paint with instead of dabbling in a little bit of everything. This focus can be anything from web design to photography to copywriting. Find what makes your heart sing and what you can excel at.

Once you have your focus, it's time to claim your expertise.

This involves making a statement to the world that you are an expert in your field. This may seem like a bold move, but it's crucial for building credibility and attracting clients. Be confident in your abilities, and don't be afraid to showcase them.

"Expertise is a combination of experience, knowledge, and insight that allows you to anticipate and solve problems quickly and effectively."

~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

Building the skills, capabilities, and processes to support your claim is the next step.

This is where the real work begins. Think of it as building a house – you need a strong foundation before you can build the walls and roof. Take courses, attend workshops, read books, and practice your craft. This is a continuous learning process, so never stop improving.

Specializing in one area may lead to competition, and some people may even criticize your claim of expertise. But remember, this is a normal part of the process. Use any criticism as motivation to keep pushing forward and improving.

Now, let's talk about artistry. While it's a beautiful and expressive form of creativity, it's becoming a commodity and is not the most reliable way to differentiate your business. Instead, consulting and writing can be more effective ways to stand out and build your expertise. Use your unique perspective and expertise to help others in your industry.

It's crucial to hold yourself and your team members to high standards. This will help you build credibility and client trust. Develop a formalized process that reduces risk and increases client confidence. This process should include exposing yourself to the same problem repeatedly, noticing patterns, and developing efficiencies.

"Expertise is knowing the right questions to ask."

~ Diane Sawyer

Think of yourself as a master chef who only cooks one type of cuisine. Sure, you could try to cook every type of food, but you wouldn't be a master at any of them. But when you focus on one cuisine, you can perfect your recipes, techniques, and presentation, and become a renowned expert in that cuisine. So, why not become the master chef of your business by specializing in a specific area?


Specializing in a particular area and claiming expertise in it is essential for building a successful brand. It may seem scary at first, but it's a continuous learning process that can lead to perpetual progress. By choosing a focus, making a claim of expertise, building skills, and holding yourself and your team to high standards, you can differentiate yourself and become an expert in your field.

Why settle for being a jack of all trades when you can be the master of one?

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