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  • Developing clarity for your brand that will become the engine of change to pull you forward towards your vision.
  • Establishing a clear direction to create alignment between your ideal tribe and your brand's expression.
  • Creating understanding and confidence to be able to know what your clients want and how to position yourself as the best nominee for the job.
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Brand Balance

Just as you would survey a landscape for the perfect shot, this audit gives us sense of “what we have to work with.” We review your existing brand from your overall design, social media accounts, voice, brand character to your rivals.

In two X hour zoom meetings, we’ll look through a new lens to uncover all of your current challenges to  discuss the next steps in achieving your future goals.

  • Design Overview
  • Tribe Review
  • Position Study
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Brand Soul

You must form a clear picture of who you are if you wish to transmit an idea successfully. Enter “The Brand Soul.”
The Brand Soul process is an in-depth workshop designed to get down to the core of your Brand. What is your purpose beyond making money? What do you hope to inspire in the lives of others? What is the message you’re trying to send?

This intensive collaboration workshop is designed to help you get clear about your brand’s culture and values through an illuminating sequence of exercises. After which, all findings are organized into one concise document that you can use to create clear messages for all your future brand engagements.
We’ll dig deep to uncover your:

  • Purpose – The reason you exist beyond making money
  • Vision –  Where you see the future of your brand in
    5 – 10 years
  • Mission – What commitments you’ve made to pave the way to your vision
  • Culture – Your expressed values and beliefs

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Brand Focus

With the Brand Soul we focus on the internal, with the Focus workshops it’s all about the external. Getting a sharp picture of who your ideal audience is, who your rivals are and what makes you unique. This will help focus your messages therefore you can outshine the competition.

These workshops focus on three main themes:

  • Tribe Alignment – Narrowing down your ideal “Tribe” gets you clear about your specific audience allowing you to understand precisely what they need and how you can better serve their needs.
  • Rival Analysis – Here we survey the landscape. Discovering the aperture between the needs of the tribe which your rivals don’t meet. Allowing us to strategically place your brand in its very own bracket.
  • Discovering Your “Onlyness” – With your brand now in a class of its own, we kick it up a notch by finding your unique offer that you, and only you, will deliver.
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Full Frame

This full package of intensive collaborative workshops focuses on humanizing your brand. Through deep studies grounded in psychology we develop your brand’s character and story to align with your ideal tribe.

We must remember that in building your story, the hero is your audience. And while you may not be the hero, we will position your brand as their guide becoming the Yoda to their Luke Skywalker.

Here is what the Full Expression Package includes:

  • Brand Soul
  • Focus
  • Archetype Personality
  • Tone of Voice
  • Look and Feel / Appearance
  • Opinions and Behaviors
  • Core Messaging Framework
  • Brand Story
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