Hi, I'm Richard

Originally from San Francisco, I’ve always had a passion for connecting with people from all walks of life. At a very young age I found tremendous value in spending time with unique communities developing a love and understanding for all types of people. My warm and welcoming personality allowed me to connect with everyone I met and this affinity for connecting with different communities expanded into pursuing my dreams doing video production in sunny Los Angeles.

Although alone in a new city, I ventured on to make the most out of my experience. Seeing the wonderful potential of this new adventure, I developed a mixture of self-sufficiency and interdependence as I found belonging and acceptance from a wide range of underground cultures that inhabit LA. My experiences led me to a deeper understanding of community, culture and new relationships. I learned that a life can be well-lived through perseverance, persistence, and camaraderie.

Having chased my passion over the decades from San Francisco to Los Angeles and back, the world began to change. As the world evolved, so did I. COVID decimated my endeavours in video production, but this is not a sad story. I saw this as an opportunity to self-reflect which opened my eyes to the realization that my work was no longer fulfilling. I felt something was missing and this led me to take my first steps down a new path in Brand Strategy.

On my “Why Discovery” journey, I uncovered my core values: Improvement, fun, generosity, community and collaboration. I began to align my work with my belief in giving back more than you receive, pursuing to be better tomorrow than you are today, sharing and welcoming others so that they feel right at home, and making sure that playful fulfillment should be at the center of everything you do.

Richard Celis in blue jacket

Brand Strategy enabled me to align my purpose with my creative mind and energies, empowering me to find that “lust for life” feeling again. I now find fulfillment in doing what I love most; helping people build self-awareness of their obstacles in life.

As a life-long learner, I like to push boundaries and challenge limits. Diving head first, I devoured as much knowledge about Brand Strategy as I could. The more I learned, the more I wanted to share my findings with others. This led me to creating a strategy study group that was originally intended to be a platform for others to share information but has now become a community of creatives and strategists full of support and creating deeper relationships.

Richard Celis in blue jacket



Since then, I’ve become a facilitator for other strategists and continually host weekly Zoom meetings to discuss, teach, and lead strategy sessions.

After many discussions and experimenting with different techniques, I’ve learned that “Brand Strategy” at its core, is about making human connections to abstract concepts by humanizing them. It was as if a light had been turned on guiding me towards the path I must take. I saw a golden alignment take place between my passion and my calling. My purpose is to cultivate relationships so that people know they are not alone.

It is my new mission to help other creatives on their journey to self-awareness with an emphasis on discovering their true identity and unique voice. As it is with my life experiences, I believe in facilitating trust and creating deep relationships with people to help guide them in reshaping their future the way I have done mine. My aspirations are to become your “oldest friend you never knew” and it is with great pleasure I offer to be with you every step of the way. And of course, we’ll have fun in the process.

Now, as the phrase goes…

“Did we just become Best Friends?”

Richard Celis in blue jacket smiling