January 14, 2023

How to Facilitate Remote workshop

Do you feel the agony of trying to corral a swarm of cats in a remote workshop?  You're not alone. It's a difficult job, but with the correct strategy and tools, you can make your virtual gatherings a blast.

Before we get into the good stuff, allow me to answer a question. What is the essence of remote workshop facilitation?

To put it simply, it's like herding cats on the internet. You're attempting to get a group of people on the same page, despite the fact that they're all over the place. And, let's face it, the internet is a distracting place - you must stay vigilant.

How to Effectively Facilitate Remote Workshops:

First and foremost, you must know who your audience is.  Simply lay it out there. What are the goals, and what are the desired outcomes? Make it absolutely clear. Next, you must use all of the instruments at your disposal to keep them interested. Use live chat, breakout rooms, polls, and surveys to your advantage. You must keep things flowing and hold people's attention. Speaking of paying attention, make certain that everyone is engaging. Do not allow one or two people to dominate the discussion. Encourage everyone to speak up and express themselves. Breakout rooms can be your greatest ally. They're an excellent technique to get people chatting in smaller groups and to bounce ideas off each other.
Get immediate feedback to obtain a feel of how things are going, You can use polls and surveys. Are folks into it, or are they ready to leave?

Set some ground rules and keep expectations in check. Inform them on what is expected of them and how things will be run.

When you're finished, make sure to provide a summary of the important takeaways and future steps. Keep the momentum rolling.

Why is it important?

Because, my friend, remote work is the future. You must adapt or risk falling behind. That includes the ability to run effective remote workshops. It's not only about overcoming challenges; it's also about keeping your team connected and engaged. It is about encouraging creativity and establishing trust. And, let's be honest, it's about not going insane trying to herd a swarm of cats over the internet.

Valuable takeaways:

  • Understand who you're working with.
  • Understand what you're goals are.
  • Use every technique at your disposal to keep them interested.
  • Make certain that everyone is involved.
  • Make use of break-out rooms.
  • Get immediate feedback
  • Lay the groundwork and manage expectations.
  • Finish with a recap of important insights and future steps.

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